maandag 16 januari 2012

Hopscotch non toxic nail polish review and swatches

Hi everyone!

Here's a little review on a nail polish I got from my niece for christmas. It's a lovely blue color from the brand Hopscotch. Hopskotch Water Colours are non-toxic, kid-friendly alternatives to solvent base nail polishes. The polishes are water based and are free of the harsh, smelly chamicals most nailpolishes contain. This makes them a lot better for your nails and also makes them perfect for kids to use. The colours they sell are realy vibrant and happy. I got the colour "Three sailors went to sea sea sea", a realy bright blue. I absolutely love it! Here is a picture of how it looks: 

It's absolutely gorgeous! The polish has a realy nice shine to it and just looks realy vibrant and joyful. It also gives a realy nice coverage, allready after one coat of polish. On the picture I'm wearing two cotes, but actually one coat could be enough. I added another, to make it a little bit more solid. I also recomand adding a top coat, because without a top coat it does tend to chip away quite fast. But other than that I realy love it. The colours are lovely, and it's a polish that doesn't harm your nails. Just what I needed! You can check their products out at their website:

See you next time!


dinsdag 3 januari 2012


Hi everyone!

Today I'll be doing a non make-up related blogpost. It's a fashion related one... ^^ Some time ago I discovered this realy cool site called "Fashionlista". It's a site where you can find awesome fashion items, like them and see where you can get one. You can also share your favorites with the world, add friends and see what items they like.

You can have a look at my profile right here: It would be realy great if you guys would follow me and like my likes! ;)

I also wanted to wish you guys a really happy New Year! ^^ I know that it's allready the 3th of  january, but I've been realy busy with studying for my exams, and family parties, so I havn't had the time to blog this year. This years new years resolution is definitely is to blog more. I hope I can keep myself to it. I'm sorry if I don't but I'm really bussy at school, so I hope you guys understand... :) I also will be doing a give away somewhere in 2012, so please keep following my blog, and invite your friends. It would mean the world to me! ^^ For people who speak Dutch, I also have a facebook. You can check it out right here:

Have a fashionable 2012 ! ;) <3