zaterdag 26 november 2011

Revieuw and swatches: e.l.f. mineral lipstick in the colour ripe rose

Hi everyone,

today I will be doing a blogpost on a lipstick that I recently bought, and that's one of the mineral lipsticks e.l.f. sells, called ripe rose. This is what the packaging looks like:

As you can see it’s not realy that special. It’s just a normal black lipstick tube, but I don’t mind that, because I absolutely love the colour! This is what the colour looks like:

It looks quite red on camera, but it actually is a lot more soft when you put it on. Here's a swatch of the lipstick on my hand: 

 As you can see the colour isn't that harsh. It's a realy nice, warm and soft colour, that you could wear every day. I didn't make a picture of it on my lips, because my lips are in realy bad shape, one of the downsides of winter, but it pretty much looks the same as on my hand, especially when you blank your lips out with a lip primer. The lipstick doesn't last a whole day, but it does last quite long in comparison with a lot of other lipsticks I bought recently. You can easily put it on and you don't have to re-aply it all evening. 

I hope you enjoyed this blogpost and I will talk to you all soon! :)



woensdag 16 november 2011

Winter is comming, protect your skin!

Hi everyone,

As you might have noticed, the weather is starting to get colder and that means that winter is knocking on our door. In winter it is realy important to take care of your skin, because the air tends to get dry, and so will your skin if you don't hydratate it well. Yesterday I went shopping and I bought some nice products, so I tought I'd share them with you.

The first thing I bought is a hand cream, because my hands tend to get realy dry in the winter and that hurts as well. So it is realy important for me to keep them hydrated. This is what I got:

The cream is called "Helping Hands" and it's by Lush. It's a realy nice shop in Antwerp where they sell selfmade cosmetics and soaps and stuff. I love the shop, and I love this product as well. It's only € 9,95 and it does an amazing job. It does take quite some time for the product to blend with your skinn, but after half an hour your hands feel realy soft and they smell lovely! ^^

The second product I bought is a moisturizer, to keep my face hydrated during wintertime. It's also by Lush and it's called "Celestial". This is what it looks like:

This product was a bit more expensive. It was about € 16,95. But anyway this is a lovely product as well and it smells delicious. After this product has worked his magic, my skin feels soft like hell. It is meant for people with sensitive skin, so it's perfect for me, but also for a lot of you out there. I realy recommend this to all of you. 

Here's a picture of what the products look like:

As you can see they are realy creamy, but they don't blend with your skin immediately. They do work pretty fast tough. After about half an hour your skin feels soft and fresh and you smell realy nice. If you don't want to use these products, or you cant get your hands on them, there are plenty of other brands who sell great moisturizers.

Keep your skin hydrated and have a great winter! ;)



maandag 7 november 2011

Halloween ! ^^

Hi everyone,

like I pomissed, here a blog post on my halloween look. I had the party last saturday and it was realy great! ^^ I didn't have a lot of time to work on my make up, but I think it looked great. Anyways, this is the final result:

 I used Woodwinked eyeshadow by MAC and a matte black eyeshadow to create a smokey eye. Then I used a black pen liner to line my eyes and applied some false lashes from Claire's. I just drew on the black nose with a pen liner as well and added some cool looking cat lenses for a finishing touch. ^^

Maybe I'll do a more detailed cat look when I have more time. I hope you enjoyed this look anyway. I had a lot of positive reactions at the party, so that was quite nice. ^^

What dit you dress up like for halloween? Leave me a comment or a picture! ;)

See you next time!


donderdag 3 november 2011

Make-up look: rock 'n roll riot! A black and red punk-rock look. :)

Hey everyone,

I recently bought this realy cool shirt in forever 21 with black and red. I decided I wanted to do a look that matched the shirt. :) I used reds, bourgundy and and black. It's not a look to wear every day but I think it's great to wear this at a party, especially a punk-rock party. This is the result:

Don't you think the hat realy finishes off the look? ^^ If you want to recreate this look, here 's a list of all products I used:

- eyes: 120 palette in bright red, bourgundy and matte black
- cheecks: MAC blush in loverush
- lips: E.L.F, liquid lipstick in cherry tart

A little tip: If you want to make a realy straight line with your make up, just use tape and stick it at the side of your face. You can use a post it as well. Then aply your make-up and just pull the tape. It will create a sharp line.

I hope you like this look! Let me know what you think! ^^



dinsdag 1 november 2011

Make-up for redhaeds !

Your hair is the frame around your face and of course the colour of it will affect what colours of make-up do or don't match with your looks. In this blog I will focus on people with red or ginger coloured hair, because I have that as well. Red is a beautiful and powerful colour and with the right make-up you can realy make the picture complete. Here are some tips what colours to use and some practical tips. 

Make-up starts with a healty skin. It is important to take care of your skin, before you aply your make-up. People with natural red hair often have a light and sensitive skin. If you dyed your hair red, it is possible that you have a normal skin (like me), but taking care of it is necesairy as well. Always use mild skinproducts and use a hydrating creme with a protection factor. Make sure you check out the bottle, before buying anything. Don't use products that are too rough for your skin. Make sure you hydrate your skin with a moisterizer every day. It will make your skin look young and fresh. 

People with natural red hair tend to have light skin and often they also have freckles. They are considered one of the seven beauty marks, so please don't cover them under a thick coat of foundadion. Freckles also can get an unnatural colour if you cover them too much. Make sure too pick the right colour of foundation, one that matches your skintone. Go for a light foundation and if you're not sure, ask the sales woman if you can try it on your face. Don't try it on your hand, because your hands are not the same colour as your face ! I advise using a more transparant foundation, or powder foundation. This will give you a more natural look. Avoid a foundation with a pink undertone. I suggest going for a more peachy or coral coloured undertone. 

Eye Make-Up
Red haired people can pull off a lot of colours. Recommended colours are more natural tones, like brown, taupe, bronze, etc. Also eye-shadows with terracotta colours are beautiful with red hair, especially in combination with green eyes.  If you want to pop in a little bit more colour, go for greens or olive tones.  Red haired girls with blue eyes should go for blue, grey and silver colours.  Be careful with bright pink or some purple shades. These colours don't always go with your red hair. Lilac you can use, because it is not too bright. Brown or redbrown mascara tends to go better with red hair. It looks more natural. Black mascara can give you a harsh look. If you do decide to go for a black mascara, then adjust your eyeshadow and use darker colours. You can also make your brows a few shades darker, so it fits the look. 

Red haired girls often don't need much mascara, because of their beautiful freckles. Plus, red hair automatically gives you a warm look. If you do want to use blush, go for light colours, in a peach or coral tone. Don't cover your freckles, but contour under them. 

In most cases a light lipglos in pink, peach or corally colours are sufficient. Always make sure your make-up is balance. I mean, when you focus on the eyes, then keep your lips light, and the other way around. If you want to accent your lips, us lipstick in brown, orange-red or peachy tones. Combine this with a light and subtile eyeshadow for the perfect look.  If you choose to lay the accent on your eyes, go for a light gloss. 

Good luck ! :)