woensdag 16 november 2011

Winter is comming, protect your skin!

Hi everyone,

As you might have noticed, the weather is starting to get colder and that means that winter is knocking on our door. In winter it is realy important to take care of your skin, because the air tends to get dry, and so will your skin if you don't hydratate it well. Yesterday I went shopping and I bought some nice products, so I tought I'd share them with you.

The first thing I bought is a hand cream, because my hands tend to get realy dry in the winter and that hurts as well. So it is realy important for me to keep them hydrated. This is what I got:

The cream is called "Helping Hands" and it's by Lush. It's a realy nice shop in Antwerp where they sell selfmade cosmetics and soaps and stuff. I love the shop, and I love this product as well. It's only € 9,95 and it does an amazing job. It does take quite some time for the product to blend with your skinn, but after half an hour your hands feel realy soft and they smell lovely! ^^

The second product I bought is a moisturizer, to keep my face hydrated during wintertime. It's also by Lush and it's called "Celestial". This is what it looks like:

This product was a bit more expensive. It was about € 16,95. But anyway this is a lovely product as well and it smells delicious. After this product has worked his magic, my skin feels soft like hell. It is meant for people with sensitive skin, so it's perfect for me, but also for a lot of you out there. I realy recommend this to all of you. 

Here's a picture of what the products look like:

As you can see they are realy creamy, but they don't blend with your skin immediately. They do work pretty fast tough. After about half an hour your skin feels soft and fresh and you smell realy nice. If you don't want to use these products, or you cant get your hands on them, there are plenty of other brands who sell great moisturizers.

Keep your skin hydrated and have a great winter! ;)



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  1. I forgot, you can buy these products in a Lush shop, but also online. Here's a link to their webshop: https://phoenix.lush.co.uk/

    Enjoy! ^^