maandag 24 oktober 2011

Trend alert: orange lipstick

Flashy colours are the new trend this fall and winter. Especially orange is thé colour to wear. Many fashion designers use this colour in their runway shows. Have a look at some great pictures, that show us that bright doesn't equal crazy. Orange can seem like a very shocking colour, but if you wear it well, it is gorgeous. 

Trend: oranje lipstick
Trend: oranje lipstick
Trend: oranje lipstick

Trend: oranje lipstick
Trend: oranje lipstick

Fendi, Giles, Marc Jacobs, Gucci and many other designers made their models wear this bright and merry colour on the runway. Of course there are lots of shades of orange, so it's up to you to decide which one suits you the best! 
Here are some realy nice lip colours you could use... But before you buy some, make sure that the colour you pick matches your skintone. Try it on before you buy it! 

oranje lipstick
Lancome,  € 28 
oranje lippen
Asos, € 14,69

oranje lippen
Asos, € 5,51

oranje lippen
Yves Rocher,  € 4

Some tips when using orange lipstick: 

1.  Try to keep your eyes as natural as possible. Don't go over the top, or you'll be looking like a clown. Use light colours like white, taupe, or light brown colours.
2. Don't use a pink blush, but go for a bronzer, or for some blushes in a orangy shade
3. If you think orange is too bright for you, go for a brownish lipstick and put some orange gloss on top of it.

Good luck! 

Me trying out the trend: 
A while ago I decided to give this trend a try myself. This is the result: 

The lipstic I used was Chili (n° A60), a matte lipstic by MAC. I hope you enjoyed reading this, and let me know if you decided to try this trend out yourself! ^^

See you ! 

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